Long Term Care

Comprehensive Services


The Nursing Department delivers compassionate care 24 hours per day and serves to maintain quality and dignity of life for our residents. Resident Care is planned by the skilled staff and physicians with resident and family involvement. In keeping with our Gentle Care Philosophy, our residents have the opportunity to live life to its fullest in a safe and caring environment.


The Activation Department facilitates daily programs to provide rewarding activities to our seniors with the goal of stimulating and sustaining each resident’s level of functioning while promoting a sense of belonging. The program of activities provided is based on comprehensive assessments and Care Plans, designed to meet the interests and needs of each resident. Programs are evaluated regularly to ensure variety, resident interest and overall fulfillment.

Physiotherapy and Restorative Services

Our residents are fortunate to have a rehabilitation team that is committed to providing quality care that contributes to the residents’ enhanced quality of life and level of functioning. Through the use of specific exercises and activities, special equipment and individualized treatment, our therapists and staff work to strengthen muscles, restore movement and function in order to assist each resident in reaching the highest level of independence possible.

Social Work

We have a qualified on-site Social Worker who provides culturally sensitive support to residents and their families while responding to each individual’s unique circumstance with caring and understanding. The Social Worker also liaises with community resources and makes referrals when necessary to better meet the residents’ and families’ needs.

Chapel Services & Pastoral Counselling

Our priests at both Hellenic Home facilities perform weekly religious services and are available to provide spiritual support to the tenants or residents. Family and friends are welcome to participate in all religious services and celebrations. With a long-standing commitment to provide for the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds, we also provide spiritual services for the various religious denominations represented in our resident community.