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Human Resources Philosophy

In order for Hellenic Home for the Aged Inc. to fulfill its mission, we believe in creating an environment which supports and retains qualified employees, recognizes individual and collective contributions and supports employee development. Our fundamental belief is that if employees are treated with respect and are well informed; our goals of service will be achievable. We therefore believe that:

  • Everyone is responsible for promoting employee health, safety and well-being.
  • The efforts and achievements of individuals and groups will be recognized and valued.
  • The ongoing provision of caring service depends on effective staff development.
  • The organizational values set the standards for acceptable behaviours of individuals within our organization.
  • Employees will be encouraged and supported in problem-solving and decision-making, within the framework of clearly defined organizational policies, practices, guidelines, etc.
  • Our organization is strengthened and its purpose enhanced by a broad range of skills and qualifications.
  • The fostering of positive employee relations is the key.